Interview: MosesofWar
Posted by: Shakespearian_Soldier -- April 18, 2014


MosesofWar is a recent addition to the ranks of's sizeable player base. A player in my own game, and a GM that I respect, I thought to ask him a few questions relating to his experiences with RPGs, Star Wars Roleplaying, and this site in general:

How much experience have you had in the past with online roleplaying?
I've actually had quite a bit. My first foray into online roleplaying came about when I played Everquest; while I know it's not necessarily a true RPG, the server I played on, Fironia Vie, was a roleplaying server. In the early years of Everquest, prior to the addition of all the planes, the game was an excellent roleplaying experience; it included everything from strict group coordination, localization and literally learning skills (such as languages) from other PCs. Rarely, in the early years, would, let's say an Erudite EVER see a Dark Elf, unless both were extremely high levels and even then, they'd likely not be able to communicate. It was definite fun and it launched my interest into actual roleplaying.

After Everquest, I played another 'online' roleplaying game with the various user-created servers of Neverwinter Nights. This style was more akin to a 'table-top' RPG, but still lacking the level of creativity of the PbP outlet I've come to love.

Realistically, the first PbP I joined was a Final Fantasy Tactics simulation called 'Heroes of Ivalice'; it was a fun game, grounded in mechanics, but created a spin-off story of the famous Playstation game. It was a game where players could shape the world, kingdoms and events were more organic than what I had ever experienced before, and I fell in love with the concept, but I lacked real rolepalying skills. Needless to say, I didn't last very long, as at that time I'd grown accustomed to the PC RP's where I was ADD for creating new characters and I churned through 3 PCs before I gave the game a rest. I almost dipped into the Star Wars RP, with was a pure roleplaying experience, with no mechanics - while this developed my ability to narrate, it left me wanting more than just pre-determined outcomes.

As a recent addition to, have you found the site easy to work with? What have your experiences with it so far been like?
I do like I believe it's excellent for creating an easily modifiable forum for players to utilize existing rule sets. The community is great and does well to help new players learn the ins and outs of a rule set they don't necessarily understand. The physical manifestations of the dice roller are excellent for a means to interpret and they give a true feel of 'seeing' to roll. The only drawback is the limited group sizes, which for the majority of GMs and players, isn't an issue, but larger games with multiple GMs can't be run at the moment. Needless to say, this is definitely my favorite PbP outlet; its a mix of a full .php modified online forum and medium for GMs and players to interact for those who aren't exactly 'experts' at programming.

What made you decide to run your Star Wars Roleplaying game on this site, instead of the various alternatives?
I chose to run my Star Wars game here because of the quality of the roleplaying the community provides and also the lack of 'handcuffs' if you will. Other sites are a bit more restricting with how post can be laid out, image links, dice rollers, etc. or a bit daunting with setup, such as a standard online forum page and programming a .php dice roller. As I mentioned, its a good mix of the two.

What are your general thoughts and opinion on FFG's Star Wars Roleplaying, and how does it compare with other, better known systems for the setting - like WotC's d20 and WEG's d6?
I haven't played WoTC, but I think Fantasy Flight take's WEG's system a step further. It's very streamlined and its really puts the ball in the players' court in regard to storytelling. The GM is more of a referee in this system, just ensuring the players are following the rules, but there's much less mechanics going into every action. I've even heard of players running GM-less games with the system, using D% rolls for generating NPCs, items, etc. I can't say I've heard of another system that really allows the players that level of control. Really, in my opinion that's a good thing.
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